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Protecting our community

At the Owensboro Human Relations Commission, our primary role is to file discrimination cases with the Kentucky Commission of Human Rights. Clients are protected under state law from discrimination in areas of housing, employment and public accommodation.

In order to prevent discrimination from happening, our staff and board members are committed to education and prevention efforts and offer free training and support to individuals, businesses and organizations with the ultimate goal of a community founded on justice, respect and belonging for people of all backgrounds, cultures and races.

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As long as humans are different than one another, discrimination will exist. But our goal at the Owensboro Human Relations Commission is to prevent it through education and support of those who face it when it does happen. We are your first point of contact when filing a discrimination case and assist you throughout that process. If your concern doesn't fall under discrimination, we will put you in touch with the proper resources to support your situation. You can also join us in our efforts by reaching out for cultural competency and anti-discrimination training for your staff or clients. Contact us today to let us know how we can assist you.